Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why are there "sold out" items listed on your website?  We maintain a history of the pieces we've sold to show you examples of items we stock.  Vintage furnishings are unique and we want you to see the pieces we will continue to stock!

2.  Is shipping free?  Yes, we ship items that are under 20 lbs anywhere in the continental US for free!  We also offer free delivery of larger items to the greater Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska areas!

3.  Do you ship out of state?  We will absolutely ship any item to you!  Our smaller items are sent via USPS Priority Mail!  We are also typically able to ship our larger items such as dressers and credenzas!  Shipping for these items requires you to contact us and set up a freight delivery.  We do charge for delivery of items over 20 lbs outside the greater Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska areas.

4.  Can you find a certain piece for me?  We get this question a lot.  Due to the nature of vintage pieces it's difficult to know when we will get a specific piece in stock.  If you have a specific piece in mind you can contact us at!

5.  Can you hold a piece for me before purchase?  We also get this question quite frequently.  We wish we could but we cannot hold items until after purchase.  

6.  Can you hold an item after purchase?  Yes!  We can hold a piece and we offer delayed delivery!  Just contact us at to find out more!

7.  Can you explain your rating scale?  Yes we can!  Here is a breakdown of our rating scale: 

Perfect (10):  We do not rate anything as perfect.  

Very Good(9):  This is a piece that although aged shows very minor signs of use.  Examples include very light surface wear from use and other superficial wear.  This item would satisfy the buyer who organizes their socks by color.  This piece is in really, really nice shape.

Good (8):  This is a piece that is starting to show its age a little.  It has a few obvious signs of wear and may have minor issues like light surface damage.  This piece would satisfy most buyers.  

Pretty Good (7):  This piece is better than fair but not quite good.  You get the idea.

Fair (6):  This is a piece that shows significant signs of its age and use.  This piece has suffered damage as a result of use.  If you're thinking "its a little worn but the kids are gonna destroy it anyway" this is the piece for you.  We will still list some pieces in this condition that are unique unusual or sought after!

Poor (4):  This is a rustic piece that is damaged and sometimes is more beautiful due to the damage.  Think junky farm items that give your home a rustic touch.

If you have any other questions about condition please feel free to contact us at!